I'm Hannah, a lifestyle and portrait photographer.

I pick up my camera to capture emotion.

As a mom to two beautiful girls, capturing the little moments is second nature.

When I became a mama my drive to encapsulate every precious moment grew. I'd love to capture these snapshots in time for you too!


I was born and raised in a small former fishing community on the south coast of Labrador. Capturing beautiful vast, never-ending landscapes was my first exposure to photography.

fact 2

When I'm not busy behind the lens, you'll most likely find me working as Registered Dietitian. Sometimes my two worlds collide, and that's pretty cool!

fact 3

Finding beauty in the everyday, the little things - like the sparkle in a child's eyes, the look between two loves - the small but huge moments. That is my favourite thing to do.

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I'm painfully introverted at times but socializing with clients is oddly easy for me. I love meeting you, learning a little about what sets your heart on fire & trying my damndest to capture a piece of that.

Behind the name.

 "Bryn Rose Photography" is a reflection of my daughters, Thea Rose and Brynlee Evangeline, my little muses.  They are the reason I decided to take the leap and turn my hobby into a side hustle - and of course, they are my favourite little humans to photograph.